#SDR 1296: What Do You Do When You Screw Up?

It is inevitable that most of us will screw up at some point in our lives. Maybe you won’t, but what would you do if you did? You might seriously want to consider owning up to it, apologising profusely and mean what you say. You might feel the temptation to come up with excuses and attempt to cover yourself from the possible backlash that you think might ensue but I would strongly advise against it. That option is just going to bite you if not soon, later. So deal with it face on. You messed up, take responsibility and clean it up. Do not try to cover it with more mess because eventually when the mess gets too big to handle, you will bear the accumulated brunt of it. You might also be surprised to find that people are generally more forgiving if you are sincerely remorseful, so long as you do not make it a habit.


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#SDR 1295: They Just Work Harder

There is not really a secret to success if you just observe and think about it. Those who achieve success simply just work harder than those who did not. Working harder includes working smarter and all of that. Please do not get sucked into the rigid dichotomy of those two. They are not of different sides despite popular belief. Let us be honest with ourselves and ask if we have actually worked hard enough to achieve our goals and dreams. Because the inconvenient truth is that many of us have not, really. So instead of finding short-cuts, blaming everything else, calling foul, putting it on luck, face the honest truth. You just need to work harder. Those who succeed do indeed work harder. The question is, just how bad do you really want it?


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#SDR 1294: Keep The Faith Even When The Road Ahead Is Empty

While you are pursuing your path to success in your chosen field, sometimes the road ahead will seem empty, and it usually feels like the end is nowhere in sight. You might even have the inclination or temptation to then throw in the towel. Now, before we jump to the having faith bit, you need to check and double confirmed that the path that you are on is the best one that you can find that will lead you to your destination. I am pretty sure that there are people who have paved the way to whatever it is that you want to pursue so do check them out and find out what exactly it is that they did to be at where they are now. In the event that the entire internet and other resource platforms do not give you the information that you are seeking, then look at others that they are similar to what you intend to do. Only after you have done perhaps your biggest research work that you can do in your life at that point, do you then embark on your journey. With this knowledge, it will allow you to keep the faith even when the road ahead is empty. So stack your deck in your favour.


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#SDR 1293: Never Lose Sight Of Your Path

It is easy to get distracted and lose your way as you go along your path to your dreams and goals. Nevertheless that should not stop you from doing everything you can to keep your focus and never lose sight of your path. Many people focus their eyes on the prize not realising that while that is important, the path should be given equal attention to, if not more. The journey is what will result in the outcome. Therefore you need to stay clear of distractions that take your eyes and mind off it. Every success has a blueprint that you should abide by. It is not set in stone but more often than not, if you follow it to the letter, you should get to wherever you have set out for.


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#SDR 1292: Periodically Take Stock Of Your Life

If you were to consider your life like one exciting and adventurous game, how would you rate it thus far? What special points or gifts have you accumulated along the way? Many of us go through life following the current of the societal flood, sacrificing our dreams and hopes, telling ourselves that to survive and to some extent, fit in take precedence over those “wishful thinking” matters. If you have resigned yourself to that life, and are somewhat happy, then be proud of it. However, if you think that you deserve more, that you want more, then you got to do things differently. And it is about time you start taking stock of your life. What have you accomplished thus far? What experiences have you gotten thus far? What actions or knowledge do you need to get you to where you aspire to be? Regularly check in with yourself and see how far you have come at each juncture of your life. Align it with your goals and dreams. If you see yourself progressing towards it, keep doing what you are doing. If you do not, then make some changes. The point is, if you do not where you are right now, then the road might seem never ending and that is very demoralising, which certainly does not help your cause.


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#SDR 1291: You Got To Push Yourself

People can try to help push you to your potential but if you are not willing to push yourself, there is very little that they can do. All the money and people that you have around you mean nothing if you decide not to do anything for yourself. You can blame the entire world for your current situation but the very person that you should be putting it all on is yourself. Once you have acknowledged your participation and involvement in your life, you can begin to start take control of it. Those people who are unsure of why they are doing what they set out for and also do not have a strong enough reason will not succeed. But even for those who have a strong enough reason, they still need to push themselves to succeed. There will be times when you do not feel like doing what you must but the reality is that you cannot achieve anything significant if you do not take control and do the work even if you do not feel like it.


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#SDR 1290: To Dream, Look Outside

As a child, dreaming is a liberating and exciting activity that is encouraged and perhaps even supported. The ability to dream is a gift for everyone. But as we grew up and thus have more responsibilities, we begin to dream less. We get engrossed in our daily lives, firefighting during our waking hours, that we forget how to dream. The thing that comes naturally and freely when we were young slowly becomes an awkward thing to do. If you can spare yourself a moment or two and look outside of yourself, of your current environment, you will be introduced to better, newer or even different things that you might just want for yourself. And that is how you start to learn how to dream again. That feeling of having, accomplishing or doing that thing that you have taken the time to look outside and saw will start to creep into your mind and you will slowly start to ignite your sense of dreaming again.


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