#SDR 1240: Don’t Starve Yourself To Reach Your Goal

To some people, starving oneself to reach the ideal weight is the way to go. All that talk about being in calorie deficit might suggest to some that perhaps doing more will produce better and ultimately faster result. Unfortunately, that basic logic would only work if the body is not a complex system in itself. Besides losing your energy, you might begin to dislike the process. And when you do something that you do not like, the motivation to stay consistent decreases day by day. The likelihood of you repeating it or maintaining it in the future is very low, unless of course the reward exceeds that. Similarly, this applies to working on any goal. You might think that just because doing something is good, you should do a lot more of it in the hopes of achieving it faster, only to realise that it is not usually the case.


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#SDR 1239: Let People Finish Talking

Perhaps this is very basic for most of you. But for some of us, it is always a good reminder. Sometimes in a conversation, we either get over excited or we think we know better so we cut other people off while they are talking in the hopes of getting our point across, or in some cases to silence the other party because we do not agree. And then we get angry when other people do that to us. We need to remember that respect begets respect. And it is always a good thing to be the one to show respect first. So let them finish their sentences, even though you cannot wait to share what is in your mind or perhaps it is hard for you to listen because of the points that are being made. However, you will find that your point will be more accepted if you wait, acknowledge the point made by the other party and then state yours.


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#SDR 1238: Complaining Gets You No Friend

No one likes to be around negative energy. It only dampens the mood. And that is what happens when someone complains. As empathetic or sympathetic one tries to be, there is a limit to that. If the first thing out of a person’s mouth is a string of complains, it is hard to see that individual in a positive light. And even if you have been friends for a long time with someone, if most of the time you meet, one of you is always complaining about something, it is going to take a toll on the friendship. There is an idea that you can be your true self and let go with some people and that these are the ones that you are supposedly lucky to have however, one needs to remember that a relationship is not set in stone and the heart has its way to move as it feels like it not as it ‘should’. So the next time you want to complain to someone, do one better. Come up with a solution to it and mention that as well. That way, you can let out whatever is in your heart and at the same time, not affect your reputation.


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#SDR 1237: The First Sale Is Always To Yourself

Before you try to convince someone else, make sure that you are already convinced about whatever it is that you are trying to sell. It can be a product, a service or an idea. The first sale is always to yourself. Once you have bought into it, you have understood why it is good and how it can be of benefit, only then do you share it with others. If you skip that very important step, you risk your chances of success. People can sense if you are only selling something for the sake of making a sale or that if you really believe in it. You might not be able to actually afford it, that is not an issue. Although it would help if you are also a satisfied consumer yourself. The main important thing to focus on is the genuine enthusiasm that you convey to others about it. That can often times make or break the sale.


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#SDR 1236: Opportunities Usually Come Without A Heads Up

Like how most people like to categorise the good things that happen to them either by chance or not as luck, that is how you need to remind yourself whenever you feel like not putting in the hard work or taking a break. Opportunities or ‘luck’ do not usually give you a courtesy call or a heads up before appearing at your feet. They just appear. And when they appear, you got to be ready because if you are not, it will go to someone else who is.


Opportunities Usually Come Without A Heads Up - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)

#SDR 1235: Collaborate. Do Away With The Silo Mentality.

Growing up, the phrase ‘two heads are better than one’ were used quite a fair bit, especially during group activities. However, as life progresses and the demands of everyday life becomes heavier and more financially real, it generally took a turn towards the individual or silo mentality. That is evident in how most of us operate in our personal and professional lives. You hear less of the idea of togetherness and more of how one person, company or organisation can move forward or be of help in the process. As a result, it created a space filled with many well meaning individuals or organisations trying to do and be better only to be ever more inefficient in the handling of things. When there is a presence of individuals or organisations that are so diverse, it would perhaps be more efficient to collaborate and do away with the silo mentality. Establish the area of expertise of each party and direct the relevant audiences accordingly. This is very much applicable in the non-profit sector where the inefficiencies are very prevalent. But I am sure this applies in other sectors or industries too.


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#SDR 1234: Name Calling Is The Lowest Form Of Intellectual Discourse

If you hear adjectives or names being called at a person in a discussion, pay careful attention to the content in it. Do your hardest to set aside the emotions and high energy involved and focus on the meanings and words being used in the exchange. What you would find might shed some light to the diminishing level of intellectual discourse present at all levels right now in general. When a person does not have a valid argument to counter with, he or she would succumb to the easiest and lowest form of speech by name calling the other person. Of course, this does not apply to everybody. Just those who cannot handle their big egos thus concede and admit defeat. When someone does that, credibility is lost, especially when in a discussion. It does not move the conversation further but a sense of accomplishment might be felt in a personal capacity of the vocal assailant. Do not be that person. That person will lose respect from a lot of people, and it is hard to like someone who is like that. Come with facts and evidence to solidify your argument.


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