Appreciate A Subordinate’s Contribution

Hierarchies and ranks have their time and place, We are all human beings first, with our own minds and emotions. Each one of us deserves respect, regardless. Not only for our existence but also contributions. Make time to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s contributions. It could be as simple as an idea, where you do not dismiss it just because it is from a subordinate. Instead you consider it seriously, and if you have to reject the idea, give a sound justification. Not some illogical excuse. People are not stupid. They usually know.


Pleasing Others

Pleasing Others - khairilsianipar.jpg

I get that there are times when you need to work the charm to get what you want but do not get carried away. Sometimes, being yourself is the better option.

Try A Little Empathy

Smiles and laughter
Could just be a cover
For what truly is inside
A person’s heart
People are hurting
Most times alone
Either due to shame
Or perhaps fear of judgment
We could choose to look past it
Or stop for a moment
Put ourselves in their shoes
And try a little empathy

Solving Problems

Passion Dies - khairilsianipar.jpg

If you want to do good but you are unsure on where to start and have limited resources, focus on solving problems with a demand for solutions. This might not be what you want to hear but the fact of the matter is that, passion dies, the money will eventually run out and your life will still have to continue. #realtalk