#SDR 1296: What Do You Do When You Screw Up?

It is inevitable that most of us will screw up at some point in our lives. Maybe you won’t, but what would you do if you did? You might seriously want to consider owning up to it, apologising profusely and mean what you say. You might feel the temptation to come up with excuses and attempt to cover yourself from the possible backlash that you think might ensue but I would strongly advise against it. That option is just going to bite you if not soon, later. So deal with it face on. You messed up, take responsibility and clean it up. Do not try to cover it with more mess because eventually when the mess gets too big to handle, you will bear the accumulated brunt of it. You might also be surprised to find that people are generally more forgiving if you are sincerely remorseful, so long as you do not make it a habit.


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