#SDR 1292: Periodically Take Stock Of Your Life

If you were to consider your life like one exciting and adventurous game, how would you rate it thus far? What special points or gifts have you accumulated along the way? Many of us go through life following the current of the societal flood, sacrificing our dreams and hopes, telling ourselves that to survive and to some extent, fit in take precedence over those “wishful thinking” matters. If you have resigned yourself to that life, and are somewhat happy, then be proud of it. However, if you think that you deserve more, that you want more, then you got to do things differently. And it is about time you start taking stock of your life. What have you accomplished thus far? What experiences have you gotten thus far? What actions or knowledge do you need to get you to where you aspire to be? Regularly check in with yourself and see how far you have come at each juncture of your life. Align it with your goals and dreams. If you see yourself progressing towards it, keep doing what you are doing. If you do not, then make some changes. The point is, if you do not where you are right now, then the road might seem never ending and that is very demoralising, which certainly does not help your cause.


Periodically Take Stock Of Your Life - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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