#SDR 1291: You Got To Push Yourself

People can try to help push you to your potential but if you are not willing to push yourself, there is very little that they can do. All the money and people that you have around you mean nothing if you decide not to do anything for yourself. You can blame the entire world for your current situation but the very person that you should be putting it all on is yourself. Once you have acknowledged your participation and involvement in your life, you can begin to start take control of it. Those people who are unsure of why they are doing what they set out for and also do not have a strong enough reason will not succeed. But even for those who have a strong enough reason, they still need to push themselves to succeed. There will be times when you do not feel like doing what you must but the reality is that you cannot achieve anything significant if you do not take control and do the work even if you do not feel like it.


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