#SDR 1290: To Dream, Look Outside

As a child, dreaming is a liberating and exciting activity that is encouraged and perhaps even supported. The ability to dream is a gift for everyone. But as we grew up and thus have more responsibilities, we begin to dream less. We get engrossed in our daily lives, firefighting during our waking hours, that we forget how to dream. The thing that comes naturally and freely when we were young slowly becomes an awkward thing to do. If you can spare yourself a moment or two and look outside of yourself, of your current environment, you will be introduced to better, newer or even different things that you might just want for yourself. And that is how you start to learn how to dream again. That feeling of having, accomplishing or doing that thing that you have taken the time to look outside and saw will start to creep into your mind and you will slowly start to ignite your sense of dreaming again.


To Dream, Look Outside - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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