#SDR 1289: If You Want More, Do More Than What Others Are Doing

Most of the time what is obvious and common sense is not the most popular thing to do. We all know that if we want more money or be physically fitter, we need to work more. But very few will actually put in the necessary effort to do so. Sure, some will do it for a while but eventually fall off the wagon due to a variety of reasons, namely lack of patience or simply laziness. Knowing something means nothing if it is not followed by a disciplined course of action. Just by taking that extra effort, putting in the additional work will get you more than those who do what is enough. It is not even rocket science. Just do more. Do what most people are not willing to do, that is to work really hard.


If You Want More, Do More Than What Others Are Doing - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg