#SDR 1283: Recognise The Goodness Done By Anyone

You may not like a person’s personality, the way he talks or even what he does for a living. But do not fall into the trap of brushing that negative impression on everything that he does. If he has done something good, give credit where it is due. No one is perfect. Most try to do good to the best of their knowledge. But even the best of us have some slip ups along the way. What is important is that we not only be quick to indict someone of their wrongdoings but also to become equally quick to acknowledge when good is committed. Do not let our emotional baggage get in the way of recognising the goodness done by anyone, lest that may discourage them from doing more of it.


Recognise The Goodness Done By Anyone - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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