#SDR 1281: Be Okay With Chaos

When you have been conditioned to live in this world avoiding conflict, being careful to not step on other people’s toes, not poking the hive, it is only natural that you do not take to chaos very kindly. However, you should not let that be an excuse for you to continue being that way. Chaos or at least some form of it is bound to happen to you, regardless of how you try to avoid it. The best way for you is to condition yourself to being okay with it. Start with disrupting your daily routine. Try a different route. Eat something different for lunch today. Get yourself in manageable uncomfortable situations. Slowly increase the discomfort level. The more you do this, the better prepared you are for when situations demand you to be able to get through the chaos that life will eventually bring.


Be Okay With Chaos - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg



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