#SDR 1275: 10x Your Life

Be it money, effort or time, whatever it is that you put into the various aspects of your life, make sure that you are getting back 10 times more. Anything less, leave it alone. What this does, is that this will allow you to maximise the quality of your life. So be conscious of what you are investing your resources into. The money that you spent, make sure it comes back to you 10 times. It does not necessarily need to be of monetary return. It can also be in the form of intangibles. Remember that even the little things count. If you are ever in a dilemma between two options even after passing through your criteria, weigh them against the 10x rule, whichever achieves that or more, you have a winner. And if both meet the criteria, then pick whichever one, it doesn’t matter because either ways you win.


10x Your Life - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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