#SDR 1271: Invent Yourself

The average human being is very fortunate and powerful. They have the luxury to dream and the power of choice. That combination is often overlooked and perhaps not even thought about in the course of their lives. Most people have dreams but not many would want to make the necessary choices to make them a reality. They will come up with a million different reasons as to why achieving their dreams is not possible and as a result, that will be their reality. We all have the power in us to invent ourselves. Stop looking at what we are lacking in and instead shift our focus to what we are blessed with. With that mindset shift, you would be open to many doors of possibility and all they need is for you to step into any of them and put in the work. Set your dreams and get to work.


Invent Yourself - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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