#SDR 1266: Focus On What Can Go Right

Most people have a default habit of assuming the worst. And they allow that to stop them from moving forward, to even give an opportunity a try. Of course, we all want to be safe. We are careful when making decisions, we take extra precautions but that does not mean that we should avoid risks altogether. Some form of it is warranted if you want a different life than you are having now, or simply something more. That is where calculated risks comes in. You do your best to analyse the situation, with all the risks involved, you make an assessment of the risk to safety ratio and then you make a judgement a call if it is a go. When you are doing so, focus on the positives. You have done your due research, so for your sanity and performance, focus on what can go right.


Focus On What Can Go Right - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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