#SDR 1265: Set Very Large Goals For Yourself

Most of us are resistant to change. We prefer to be in the confines of our comfort zones but we admire for afar those who take risks and succeed. We think to ourselves that those people are more brave and luckier than us but the sad truth is, while that may all be true, the success has got to do more with setting very large goals for themselves. They do not abide to the general public standards. They create their own. This important fact enables them to stretch their thinking and put in more effort to making their goal a reality. With this, the likelihood of them succeeding stand a greater chance as a result of them working harder. So in the event you think that having a very large goal is silly and a waste of time, think again. It could very well be what you need to shift the direction of your life for the better.


Set Very Large Goals For Yourself - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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