#SDR 1262: Don’t Get Ahead Of Your Emotions

As far as we hoped to be rational creatures, we are mostly indeed driven by our emotions. If left unattended, our lives would be a constant roller coaster ride. It is therefore important that we don’t get ahead of our emotions. Do not let it be the only compass for your life decisions. It could be a factor, sure. But to make decisions and future plans based off your emotions is perhaps not the smartest thing to do. Emotions change, they can go one way or the other. Sometimes, abruptly. So whenever you are feeling a powerful emotion, be it happiness, sadness, anger or the likes, do your best to refrain from dreaming up ideas based on them for the future. While they do add colour to your life, they are not usually a good point of reference for future decisions, especially important ones.


Don't Get Ahead Of Your Emotions - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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