#SDR 1285: The Toughest Problem Is Not The Failure Of Imagination But Failure Of Courage

The world is full of people with great ideas and imagination. Just speak about it to most people and you can probably hear something awesome. Unfortunately, very few of those big ideas will ever see the light of day. Most will not even be attempted. They will instead be buried along with the vessel it came with, never to see its impact in the real world. Given how many of them are actually manifested, it is a wonder why many view their ideas as something sacred and private, afraid that by sharing them with others, they would be “stolen”. The reality is the toughest problem is not the failure of imagination but failure of courage. The courage needed to act upon those ideas to make them a reality. Yes, you might fail along the way, and it would be both a hit to your self-esteem and embarrassing at the same time. That is because you probably care more about what other people think of you. But also remember that yes, you can be successful in the process too. That you might actually come out of it a winner, a success. And that can only happen if you give it a chance. That you have faith and courage to pursue your imaginations. No one knows what it could be, but you can at least give it your best shot. It is certainly a more exciting and fulfilling option than what might have been.


The Toughest Problem Is Not The Failure Of Imagination But Failure Of Courage – Lisa Nichols - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)


#SDR 1284: Problems Are Doorways To A Better You

There is no point trying to run away from problems. They are a part and parcel of life. You can try to hide from them but they will eventually come up to you. And when they do, you would have wished you had address them sooner. Problems are often times painful, inconvenient and uncomfortable. That is why we avoid confronting them as far as possible. But what if instead of running away, we look them in the eye and deal with them. We can start by looking at them as they are, and not anything more or less. We are clear of the situation. We break them down. We find the solutions. We work on them. And hopefully, irregardless of the outcome, we come out of them a better person.


Problems Are Doorways To A Better You - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg

#SDR 1283: Recognise The Goodness Done By Anyone

You may not like a person’s personality, the way he talks or even what he does for a living. But do not fall into the trap of brushing that negative impression on everything that he does. If he has done something good, give credit where it is due. No one is perfect. Most try to do good to the best of their knowledge. But even the best of us have some slip ups along the way. What is important is that we not only be quick to indict someone of their wrongdoings but also to become equally quick to acknowledge when good is committed. Do not let our emotional baggage get in the way of recognising the goodness done by anyone, lest that may discourage them from doing more of it.


Recognise The Goodness Done By Anyone - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg

#SDR 1282: Every Problem Is A Well Disguised Potential Opportunity

The next time you face a problem, stop yourself for a moment before judging the situation and look at how you can make it work in your favour. Some might think that it is a tall order but nonetheless every bit possible, with a conscious effort and a little bit of practise. The more you do so, the easier it will get. Do not be discouraged by it. Instead use it to your advantage. Let that old you, who would avoid problem like a plague or break down by them, rest in peace. Start with the things that you have control over. The rest will eventually fall into place. Always remember that every problem is a well disguised potential opportunity. The first step, is to open your mind.


Every Problem Is A Well Disguised Potential Opportunity - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)

#SDR 1281: Be Okay With Chaos

When you have been conditioned to live in this world avoiding conflict, being careful to not step on other people’s toes, not poking the hive, it is only natural that you do not take to chaos very kindly. However, you should not let that be an excuse for you to continue being that way. Chaos or at least some form of it is bound to happen to you, regardless of how you try to avoid it. The best way for you is to condition yourself to being okay with it. Start with disrupting your daily routine. Try a different route. Eat something different for lunch today. Get yourself in manageable uncomfortable situations. Slowly increase the discomfort level. The more you do this, the better prepared you are for when situations demand you to be able to get through the chaos that life will eventually bring.


Be Okay With Chaos - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


#SDR 1280: Someone’s Watching You, And When You Win, They Win

Know that you are an inspiration or a source of motivation to someone out there in this world. It could be to millions, thousands, hundreds or even just one person. Someone is watching you. It could be someone you know or perhaps not at all. And they are rooting for you. Because when you win, they win too. When you win, you inspire them to win themselves. You make reaching the goal or any dream possible, achievable. Sometimes people need an external source of encouragement to accomplish great things, and by you winning, you give them permission to do the same or more. So never think that you are alone in this world. Someone out there is counting on you to succeed, to not give up, to persevere, to get in the best shape that you possibly can, to be the best that you can possibly become. So if ever for some reason you do not feel like doing it for yourself, then do it for those who are counting on you in silence.


Someone’s Watching You, And When You Win, They Win - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg

#SDR 1279: Your Vision Was Given To You

Your dreams, your visions, your goals, your ideas, your aspirations are all specially and exclusively given to you. It is perhaps impossible to find someone else with those exact same ones. They are both your gifts and assignments if you so choose to accept in taking them on in this life. To have courage and walk on the path that will lead you to eventually claiming the prize that was intended and reserved for you. The only thing that is needed is for you to do whatever is necessary to achieving them. That means you do the things that you do not want to if you have a choice, you tune out those who say you cannot achieve whatever you have set out for and you persevere in the focus of the mission. They are yours for the taking. They even have your name on them. All you need to do is put in the work.


Your Vision Was Given To You - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg