#SDR 1253: Observe And Study Yourself

As much as I am a big believer in the acquiring of new knowledge to developing one’s growth, I find that there is also an equally if not more important need to observe and study oneself at the same time. The emphasis for most since a young age to developing oneself has always been externally sourced and adopted while very little is done towards figuring out one’s true self. We grow up thinking that we need to do a series of things in order to fit in, to be accepted while our hearts and inner self retaliate in silence. However, if you can only take a moment each day to observe and study yourself, you would realise if your actions are congruent to what you truly want and desire. Sometimes we conflate other people’s projections and hopes for us as our own therefore by doing this, it would allow us to correct any misalignments in our lives. You could even proceed to consciously notice your habits, triggers and how you can combat or facilitate them so that they work in your favour. Our lives are in itself a massive adventure, it is up to us to acknowledge and choose to do something about it.


Observe And Study Yourself - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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