#SDR 1250: My Past Does Not Equal My Future

Just because your past is this or that does not mean that your future will be the same. They are not correlated. Unless of course you think it so. Because whatever you think you are, you become. Do not buy into the idea that you can never change yourself for the better, that you are a prisoner of your past. Indeed what you cannot change is your past but your future, that is an unblemished piece of blank canvas. Your decisions and actions from here on will depict what your future will look alike. So stop dwelling in your past. Let it go. Whatever it is, it is in your past. Do not let it control your future. Decide how your future will look like. Make it the best you can, and then take the necessary actions towards it. Keep your focus on the future and work very hard.


My Past Does Not Equal My Future - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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