#SDR 1248: Be Willing To Be Brilliant And Clueless

We often find ourselves trapped in the prism of two minds. And that has in more ways than one hinder our growth as a person. It is perfectly okay to be of polar opposites. You can be both brilliant and clueless. Happy and sad. Rich and poor. There are too many facets in our lives to be great at all things. So acknowledge the areas that you are great at as well as the ones you might need some help with. No one would think less of you if you are not brilliant at everything. You would actually gain respect for owning up to your shortcomings because the unspoken not so secret is that we all have areas in our lives that we are not great at, no matter how perfect our lives might seem on the outside. So chill, because the only one keeping score is you.


Be Willing To Be Brilliant And Clueless - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)


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