#SDR 1242: The Road To Having What Very Few Have Is A Lonely Journey

If you are the type of person who needs to have people around you going through the same things as you are, have them like you and sing your praises, then be prepared to have what they have, which most likely may not be what you want. There is no other way around it. If you take on the path that everyone takes, you will have what they have, with perhaps a slight difference. But if you wish to have something that very few people have, you need to be prepared for a lonely journey ahead. Sure, there will be others doing something similar around the globe, working insanely hard to achieve their dreams, but most of the time, you are on your own. People around you might not understand you, they might even have meetings about you. But if you are serious about becoming who you are meant to be, then forge right ahead on your path, however lonely it might seem. People may or may not come around. That is okay. But what matters in the end, is that you have lived out your truth.


The Road To Having What Very Few Have Is A Lonely Journey - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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