#SDR 1240: Don’t Starve Yourself To Reach Your Goal

To some people, starving oneself to reach the ideal weight is the way to go. All that talk about being in calorie deficit might suggest to some that perhaps doing more will produce better and ultimately faster result. Unfortunately, that basic logic would only work if the body is not a complex system in itself. Besides losing your energy, you might begin to dislike the process. And when you do something that you do not like, the motivation to stay consistent decreases day by day. The likelihood of you repeating it or maintaining it in the future is very low, unless of course the reward exceeds that. Similarly, this applies to working on any goal. You might think that just because doing something is good, you should do a lot more of it in the hopes of achieving it faster, only to realise that it is not usually the case.


Don’t Starve Yourself To Reach Your Goal - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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