#SDR 1239: Let People Finish Talking

Perhaps this is very basic for most of you. But for some of us, it is always a good reminder. Sometimes in a conversation, we either get over excited or we think we know better so we cut other people off while they are talking in the hopes of getting our point across, or in some cases to silence the other party because we do not agree. And then we get angry when other people do that to us. We need to remember that respect begets respect. And it is always a good thing to be the one to show respect first. So let them finish their sentences, even though you cannot wait to share what is in your mind or perhaps it is hard for you to listen because of the points that are being made. However, you will find that your point will be more accepted if you wait, acknowledge the point made by the other party and then state yours.


Let People Finish Talking - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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