#SDR 1235: Collaborate. Do Away With The Silo Mentality.

Growing up, the phrase ‘two heads are better than one’ were used quite a fair bit, especially during group activities. However, as life progresses and the demands of everyday life becomes heavier and more financially real, it generally took a turn towards the individual or silo mentality. That is evident in how most of us operate in our personal and professional lives. You hear less of the idea of togetherness and more of how one person, company or organisation can move forward or be of help in the process. As a result, it created a space filled with many well meaning individuals or organisations trying to do and be better only to be ever more inefficient in the handling of things. When there is a presence of individuals or organisations that are so diverse, it would perhaps be more efficient to collaborate and do away with the silo mentality. Establish the area of expertise of each party and direct the relevant audiences accordingly. This is very much applicable in the non-profit sector where the inefficiencies are very prevalent. But I am sure this applies in other sectors or industries too.


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