#SDR 1234: Name Calling Is The Lowest Form Of Intellectual Discourse

If you hear adjectives or names being called at a person in a discussion, pay careful attention to the content in it. Do your hardest to set aside the emotions and high energy involved and focus on the meanings and words being used in the exchange. What you would find might shed some light to the diminishing level of intellectual discourse present at all levels right now in general. When a person does not have a valid argument to counter with, he or she would succumb to the easiest and lowest form of speech by name calling the other person. Of course, this does not apply to everybody. Just those who cannot handle their big egos thus concede and admit defeat. When someone does that, credibility is lost, especially when in a discussion. It does not move the conversation further but a sense of accomplishment might be felt in a personal capacity of the vocal assailant. Do not be that person. That person will lose respect from a lot of people, and it is hard to like someone who is like that. Come with facts and evidence to solidify your argument.


Name Calling Is The Lowest Form Of Intellectual Discourse - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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