#SDR 1231: People Are Not Mind Readers

In general, we all want to be understood. We might vocalise it differently or even counter-intuitively but the fact still remains. Unfortunately, not many of us are trained or equipped to do so in a manner that allows understanding to take place and therein lies the problem. Under frustration, we get angry, upset and do things that we might later regret. We think to ourselves that if only they can understand us better, know what we are feeling and perhaps even thinking. Only to realise when the emotions are dialled down, we would not want that all the time. So seek to improve your communication skills. It might not be a subject taught in school, although it very well should be, but instead of blaming external parties, figure out what you can do. There are tons of resources, many free and readily accessible on the subject matter. All that is left is for you to pick it up and delve into the works.


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