#SDR 1220: Enthusiasm And Determination Beats Logic

What we know can do two things. It can either help or hinder us from achieving success. While the former is a pretty common known fact, the latter is rarely taught or discussed. When we think we know better and we close off any new ideas or inputs on a particular matter, we risk failure. Like so, if we ever underestimate great enthusiasm and sheer determination, we are in for a big surprise. That combination will find the way to make things work even if it has to defy the current logic. So next time you want to shut someone who is very enthusiastic and determined out because his idea is not in line with your current logic or knowledge, give it a careful thought. Or better yet, suspend your judgement. Let the idea play out. Do what you can to support him. And watch as he defy your prior assumptions.

Enthusiasm And Determination Beats Logic - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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