#SDR 1206: It Takes Willingness And Guts To Do The Right Thing

Talking about the right things is easy. Doing them is another matter altogether. Most of us are able to articulate what the right things are – the proper manner of approach, standing up for truth and justice, etc. – but to carry them out when the situation calls for it takes willingness and guts. Because the irony is, doing the right thing has consequences too. We were conditioned to do the right thing but never prepared to face the challenge and risk involved, let alone explained about its existence. For the many who have lived a comfortable life thus far, that brings about a certain dilemma. And unfortunately, most people caved. Sure, there will always be that one person who eventually stands up, fight the system while taking in all the bullets. He or she might not even be acknowledged for the courage. Perhaps even mocked at and ridiculed. But the lives that are positively impacted because of that bravery will know the truth. Perhaps even inspire a few more to follow suit. That said, if you have been waiting for a while for that brave person to show up and is so far not in sight, maybe it’s the person in the mirror that is the answer.

It Takes Willingness And Guts To Do The Right Thing - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).jpg


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