SDR 1194: Share And Give Love

The concept of love has been around for a pretty long time but it always bears reminding once in a while. To share and give love are some of the simplest thing to do yet for most, probably not the easiest. As the world gets more advanced and global, most of us ironically become more insular. We tend to worry for our livelihood as competition has now been amplified and life turns into a race for the biggest, shiniest and prestigious. However, if one is able to take pause, appreciate what they already have and spend time with those that have very little, he or she will find that life is much bigger than what was thought to be. You will find joy and happiness just by sharing and giving love through improving another person’s lives. In most cases, it does not take a lot, just a little bit of willingness and time to do so.

Share And Give Love - Success Daily Reminder (


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