#SDR 1224: All You Need Is Guts

All the knowledge in the world will amount to nothing if one does not have the guts to make use of them. Yes, it does require guts to use the knowledge that you have to either make a better life for yourself, helping others or to right the wrong. The people around you or those in power might be opposed to the use of that knowledge therefore you need to be willing to stand up and take action for what you believe is the right thing to do. You and your loved ones might be made fun of, criticised, threatened and even attacked. But there will be people who appreciates what you are doing. They will pray for you and be there for you. You might not see or hear them but know that you are not alone. On behalf of them, I thank you for your courage and strength.

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#SDR 1223: Use Art To Simplify Not Complicate

We like to think that art is a skill that makes things better either in its aesthetic form or usability, and in some instances, increasing its usefulness. The bottom line however, is to always remember that in the spirit of increasing or enhancing those factors mentioned earlier, one should make a conscious effort to ensure that the end result is not to complicate but simplify. The process could be the most tedious thing ever but the outcome should not show a hint of it. That is what art is all about.

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#SDR 1222: Make Plans, Do Your Best And Accept Whatever Outcome They Bring

A lot of us make plans and do our best to achieve the success that we desire. We work really hard to make it happen and hope for the best. And when we achieve the intended outcome, we are joyful and grateful. However, it is really hard when things do not go our way. Sadness overcomes us. We try to make sense of it. We point fingers at everything around us and we basically become a terrible version of ourselves. To accept when things go our way is easy but not so much when the opposite happens. All of us wants our efforts to pay off. But the fact of the matter is, the outcome is not within our control. What we can do is to ensure that we have a solid plan and that we give our best shot. If we can focus on that, the likelihood of us achieving success becomes higher.

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#SDR 1221: First Impression Is Not Always Right

We have been told repeatedly that first impression is very important. While that may be so, remind yourself to the possibility that it might not be all true. That could just be one side of that person and there might be others that would pleasantly or unpleasantly surprise you. So hold off your horses. Do not get too excited or critical of someone at the first instance because the information is not complete. If people who have been together for decades are still discovering something new about their partner, what more a first impression. So control your judgemental urges the next time you meet someone for the first time and just be open. Take everything you see or hear with a grain of salt yet at that same time, take them as they are. Do not try to project your hopes or ideas. Save yourself from the unnecessary heartbreak.

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#SDR 1220: Enthusiasm And Determination Beats Logic

What we know can do two things. It can either help or hinder us from achieving success. While the former is a pretty common known fact, the latter is rarely taught or discussed. When we think we know better and we close off any new ideas or inputs on a particular matter, we risk failure. Like so, if we ever underestimate great enthusiasm and sheer determination, we are in for a big surprise. That combination will find the way to make things work even if it has to defy the current logic. So next time you want to shut someone who is very enthusiastic and determined out because his idea is not in line with your current logic or knowledge, give it a careful thought. Or better yet, suspend your judgement. Let the idea play out. Do what you can to support him. And watch as he defy your prior assumptions.

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#SDR 1219: You Have To Do The Hard Thing

Wanting something is the easy part. Of course, you have had to decide what it is that you want and why. Once that is all done, here comes the hard bit, you have to actually do the thing that is not something that you may enjoy. Something that makes you uncomfortable. Not in terms of morally and such. Just things that you rather not do if you had a choice. Whatever that hard thing is varies for different individuals. Not overcoming it is usually what is stopping someone from achieving the desired success. It might stem from fear of being made fun of or looked down upon or even perhaps getting physically dirty. That said, you do have a choice regardless. The question is, how bad do you want it?

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#SDR 1218: You Have The Permission To Walk Your Own Path

Whatever you wish to be, that is your right. Permission is already granted to live your life as how you see fit. Having said that, the responsibility and accountability that you have are subjective matters that only you can answer to. Environmental situations on the other hand is a separate matter. If you can work with the current situation that you are in to achieve what you want, great. If not, look elsewhere. Do not use the confinements of the situation or location that you are in as an excuse to not walk your own path. Once you have done so, be ready to work very hard. It will not be a walk in the park. I guess such things rarely is. Do not be discouraged if you face the occasional challenges. That is all part of the journey.

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