SDR 1190: Do Not Allow Anyone To Mess With You

How someone behaves towards you is a reflection of how you carry yourself and the lines that you draw. Obviously, if you are going to be a public figure then that gets thinner or even obsolete. But most people are not. Just simply regular people living their own lives. If you fall in this category then know that you have the power to choose who you let in to your lives and how they treat you. If you are unhappy with how you are treated, you can do something about it. Rather, you must do something about it. Especially if it involves another party. Ignoring it will either cause you to suffer the situation until you eventually snap or the other party moves on to another poor soul. Both options are weak and scream “victim”. They are not from the position of strength. What you need to do is to draw the line and communicate effectively what that is and the consequences of transgressing it. And in the event that line is crossed, proceed with the promised consequential action. You deserve better. Do not allow anyone to mess with you.

Do Not Allow Anyone To Mess With You - Success Daily Reminder (


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