SDR 1188: You Cannot Stop Believing In You

Please remember that no matter how hard the journey is, you cannot stop believing in you. That is pretty much the same as giving up. And it is impossible to succeed if you give up before seeing it through. When you stop believing that you can, or that you still have a chance, the mental strength, that turbo boost, that is usually needed to push through when the body wants to give in to the pain and give up is not there. Compare that to someone who seems average or that no one thinks has a chance but believes strongly in himself and works really hard to get what he wants. You would be surprise how far he can go. Imagine if he has the necessary skills and talents too. Of course, it is not to say that believing in yourself is enough. You need to put in the hard work and all of that. But without it, you sure have decreased your chances to achieve the success you desire.

You Cannot Stop Believing In You - Success Daily Reminder (


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