SDR 1186: Your Life Is A Gift

To those who wish to die for no damn reason or any for that matter, you are an ungrateful piece of human being. There are many people out there who are fighting for their lives and family members who are filled with grief counting down the remaining days. I know that life can be real hard. And to be fair, you are put in a tough spot. You did not choose to be born into this world, the circumstances that you find yourself in are terrible and to make matters worst, you can’t just quit, well at least you shouldn’t. Because, underneath it all life is a gift, if you choose it to be. Life is what you make of it. It can be the worst thing ever or the very best. That said, if your situation is bad, it is bad. Let’s not kid ourselves here. But if you were to find the gift in that terrible situation that means something to you, only you, what would it be? I know that perhaps you don’t want to be thinking of it or you tell yourself that you can’t. But if you can and if you know, what would that be?

Your Life Is A Gift - Success Daily Reminder (


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