SDR 1184: The Curse Of The Entitled Mindset

When someone feel like they somehow have the right to something just because of who their parents, governments are or that they have a lot of money or even because they have had past successes, that person needs to be set straight. The reasons are more than just the ones mentioned and I am quite certain that most of us have had that thought crossed our minds at least once. That because of some reason, you feel like you are entitled to something. Well, to be clear, it is not with that thought I have an issue with but rather the attitude that comes with it. Understandably, you cannot control all the thoughts that come into your mind but you certainly can with what you do about them. Having the entitled mindset can bring out the worst in people and it also disrupts your path to success. Traits like laziness, complacency, looking down upon others, arrogance and ignorance are some of the results of having that sort of mindset. If you think that you would be better off without them then set yourself straight. Work very hard and be deserving of that which you seek. Do not always depend and hope for a free ride. One day, that might just run out and you would need to pay your dues. When that happens, do not think that you would be able to compete with someone else who have had to pay their dues every single time.

The Curse Of The Entitled Mindset - Success Daily Reminder (


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