SDR 1181: Age Is Just A Number

People have tons of excuses. If it is not this, it probably is the other. It is like they are built that way. And when you always have excuses or keep coming up with them, it is hard for you to achieve success in anything. One that comes up a lot is age. You are either too young or too old to do something. Or so they say. But time and time again, I have had the fortune to meet people who consistently defy that idea. What I found out in my exchanges with them is not exactly the number of birthdays one has had but rather, health. When one is healthy, physically and mentally, the sky is the limit. It is hard to argue with that. Yes, time and commitment level play a part as well but do not conflate them with age. Take care of your health – mind and body, manage your time and priorities and you will find that age is just a number.

Age Is Just A Number - Success Daily Reminder (


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