SDR 1179: Do Your Best To Live What You Teach

To tell someone how to do something is easy. To actually live it, carry it out, not so much. But what we should all strive to do is exactly that. Do our best to live what we teach. Lets not be like those people who say one thing but do another. In simpler terms, lets not be hypocrites. I know that is not easy. After all talk is cheap. The action however, that is a whole other thing. But lets not use that as an excuse. If we want our words to actually carry weight, we should be the living examples. And also, with this view point, I gather that we would perhaps pause and think for a moment before we quickly judge or easily pass a remark to someone. If more people can do so, the world will certainly benefit from a little more empathy.

Do Your Best To Live What You Teach - Success Daily Reminder.jpg


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