SDR 1178: Trust What You Already Know

The problem that many face in their pursuit to success is doubt. Doubt has killed a lot of dreams and ambitions simply because it is allowed to have a voice. The way to silence doubt is to not only ignore it but to kill it with trust, that is supported by facts or credible sources. When you trust what you already know, you will be less shaken by others thus becoming more confident in carrying out your mission. When you are in that state, the likelihood of you succeeding increases. So get some work done. Get the facts or credible sources. To have both would be awesome. And base your knowledge on that. If you can go a step further, make a list of what the opposing views or remarks on it would be and what are the justifications for it. Doing so would cement your trust in what you already know. And in the event your position changes because new facts were brought to light, do not worry. You did all you could with the knowledge that you had prior to it. So trust your facts and be nimble.

Trust What You Already Know - Success Daily Reminder.jpg


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