SDR 1177: Experience Is A Type Of Success

Different people defines success differently. Some focuses on the material aspect of things while others equates it to the accolades accumulated and then there are those who attach it to the more intangible stuff. The true of fact of life when doing something is that it can always go two ways. Either you get the intended result or you do not. While everyone wants the former, sometimes things do not go your way and you are left with the least desired outcome. You can always paint the situation as a failure where you lose or you can view it as an experience gained. The latter still deals with the same scenario but it has a positive outlook to it. If you were to fast forward your life into the future, you would perhaps see how this experience which did not go your way helped to shape the more awesome you in the future. In other words, now that you know better, you do better. So if you can always encourage your mind to think like so, you would have a very rich and successful life. It does not necessarily refer to material wealth but of priceless gems that is experience. Of course, this is in the hopes that you learn from them and make wiser decisions in the future. If you do not, then this whole idea might not apply to you.

Experience Is A Type Of Success - Success Daily Reminder.jpg


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