SDR 1175 Pain Happens For Us, Not To Us – Tony Robbins

Most of us are conditioned to avoid pain at all cost. To not take risks. To always play on the safer side of things. We do not want to go through the sufferings and hardships that pain brings. Well, rightly so. I gather no one in the right mind would wish for it to happen to them although some may claim to thrive on it. But sometimes pain can not be avoided no matter how hard we try. It can also surprise us when we least expect it. Nonetheless, we always have two choices. One, to be a victim and the other is to be a winner. I reckon when one is given the option, he or she would likely pick the latter. To achieve that, we need to realise that pain does not happen to us but for us. Instead of thinking “why did this happen to me”, think “how does this take me to the next level” or “what I can gain from this”. If you give yourself the chance to think like so, you might even be surprised at how positive the negative situation can seem. Having said all of that, it does not in any way mean that the hurt of the pain will disappear, you will feel awesome and the world is a happy place. Wrong. Remember, when dealing with situations out of your control, you will always have a choice in how you deal with it. I say, choose to win.

Pain Happens For Us, Not To Us - Tony Robbins.jpg


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