SDR 1174: Preparation Is Key

Before you embark on something, do your best to make time to prepare for it. You might not feel like it because it is a “hassle” or “another thing to do” but unless you do not care about the outcome, it is in your best interest to cover your bases. Once you have done all that you can to ensure the success of the endeavour, if something untoward happens, there is nothing that you could have done to prevent it from happening. The focus then in that scenario should be on quick thinking and executing a timely solution. Skip the blaming and get on with it. You already did your best. But in the event you did not do so, instead you skip the preparation phase, then stop pointing the fingers at everyone or everything else, find a mirror and face it. You would find the person responsible for the failure.

Preparation Is Key - Success Daily Reminder (


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