SDR 1173: Visualised The Outcome Then Slice It Up Into Workable Pieces

Whenever you intend to do a project or something great, a very useful way to go about it is by visualising the outcome of what you want or intend in your mind and then slice it up into workable pieces. The clearer you can make the picture out to be the better. Once you have done so, divide it into parts or steps to effectively make it into a reality. It is not enough to have the end in mind, feel good about it and then just stop there. Most people usually get stuck when put in that situation simply because it is just to big to take on. And if you previously come from very little to no experience in taking on such endeavours, the more paralysed you would feel. So if you really want to make your dreams and goals happen, break it down. Slice it up into smaller pieces. Work backwards. Figure out what the next immediate step is for you to do to move ahead with it no matter how small, start there and repeat the process.

Visualised The Outcome Then Slice It Up Into Workable Pieces - Success Daily Reminder (


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