SDR 1167: Check In Your Fears

We all have our fears. The obvious thing to do for most of us is to avoid them altogether. All that talk about conquering your fears sounds really good until you are staring at them in the face. When that happens, whatever you have been practicing will take over. If you have not been preparing for such events then you will be more likely to succumb to them. The idea is to not avoid the fears but to acknowledge them and give them their proper place. Whenever you are faced with something that scares you or makes you feel nervous, meet with it straight on and put things in perspective. What about it that scares you? Rationalise it. Break it down. If you can work around it by satisfying those concerns, by all means do it. If you can’t, that is okay. Leave it be. At least you now know what the issue is and that is you regaining some of your power back. Do this again and again, eventually you might just be able to get it all back. Be patient and have faith. And of course, consciously do the practise.

Check In Your Fears - Success Daily Reminder (


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