SDR 1166: Start Where You Are Right Here Right Now

So you have been thinking about doing something. It does not have to be a big thing. It could very well be something small. A small act. Perhaps you want to empty the bin in your room. But something is holding you back. You are waiting for the perfect time – perhaps when you go to the kitchen so that you will not be “wasting time” or when the bin is full so that you would be “saving time”. And when both conditions are in place, you have a deadline to meet so you prioritised that above the “less important” task. This back and forth continues and then one day you find either one of these two things happened – the bin is overflowing and you have rubbish all across your floor or someone has cleared it for you. We all hope that the latter was the case. If only we could have things our way all the time. This scenario could seem like a small thing to some people. But if you cannot handle something of this size, what makes you think that you could take on a bigger task like your goals and dreams? Whatever it is, if you are already thinking it, go for it. Start right now. Do one act that moves you closer to that goal. Yes, right now. You could write it down or type it out or even record it on your mobile device. But don’t you dare stop there. The real challenge begins after you have done that initial act. Are you going to be committed and disciplined in doing something that moves you one step closer towards your goal every waking moment? If you are, then a very good news awaits you.

Start Where You Are Right Here Right Now - Success Daily Reminder (


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