SDR 1165: Stop Conforming

A lot of us start out with big dreams but very few made it happen. Some might say that the ones who made it got lucky to have all the things aligned for them. But the very thing about luck is that it really is less about chance as most people would have you believe but it is the accumulation of choices that one has made up to that point when ‘luck’ happens. Those choices that we all have a right to make on our own accord are often challenged when pursuing big dreams. Many who cannot withstand the strong current of resistance gives in and conform to what is expected of him or her by society. If you really want to achieve those big dreams of yours, you need to be able to withstand that pressure. Stop conforming any longer. Let them say what they want, keep stoking your dream alive and work very hard towards it. Eventually, it will be your turn to get ‘lucky’.

Stop Conforming - Success Daily Reminder (


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