SDR 1163: Do Not Do Things For Others

Some might think that the idea that we should not do things for others is morally lacking and pretty much negative, and that is perfectly alright. This is not written for those people. This is for those that have been constantly taken for granted, unappreciated and having their self-worth taken away from them because they have been trying their best to put other people first and doing whatever they can to make them happy, only to be done away with just like that when they are no longer needed or wanted. If this is you, then lets make sure that moving forward, you need to put yourself first. Pay no attention for the name callings that come your way. Enough is enough. You can choose to not be the victim. Instead, be the victor. What is done cannot be undone. But the future, in fact, this moment right now, is your opportunity to carve something positive for yourself. Something that lifts you up and makes you feel proud of yourself. You have that power within you. Wield it to your favour. Stop letting other people take you for granted. Do right by you. You can not go wrong with that.


Do Not Do Things For Others - Success Daily Reminder (


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