SDR 1162: Stop Hesitating

The road to success is filled with a lot of discipline, hard work, dedication and not hesitating. The latter is one that most people do not give its due focus. Our brain is programmed in such a way that one of its main duty is to keep us safe. However the thing about achieving success is that there is nothing safe about it thus making the journey not as straightforward as most would like it to be. That is why not many people actually get there. It does not mean that it is impossible though. If only we can learn to not give our brain too much influence in making decisions, not hesitating and just doing it, the possibilities is endless. Next time when you’re in a decision mode to doing something awesome, check out of your mind for the first few seconds and listen to what your instinct is telling you. If it does not go against your principles, values and morals, then by all means do it.

Stop Hesitating - Success Daily Reminder (


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