SDR 1148: Treat Everyone With Respect But Nothing More

Some people think that because of a person’s stature, wealth, power or connections, he or she should be treated differently. That is usually the case with a lot of people. They put on a mask, tiptoe around and make themselves small in front of that person. The irony is, you teach others how to treat you. So if you are going to act inferior in front of someone, you would probably be treated like so. You are a person. And so is he or she. If you have respect for yourself, then the only thing that you should do with others, is to afford them with that same amount of respect. Nothing more, nothing less. This also means that you do not treat others of a lower social standing any different. Treat people like people. You do not need to butter up nor look down on anyone. And if someone demands to be treated any different, have some self-respect and walk away.

Treat Everyone With Respect But Nothing More - Success Daily Reminder (


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