SDR 1146: Don’t Be Interested, Get Committed

We always say that in order to be successful, you need to commit whole-heartedly. And that is true, because if you are only just interested in something, then that interest might very well fade away in due time. However if you are committed, and have already made the commitment to something, your work ethic and approach to the matter will likely render more positive results. You cannot expect a small amount of effort to churn out big results would you? That is just wishful thinking. Of course, many would want that. And that is why the get-rich-quick scheme is a lucrative business. People want the most result for the least amount of effort. And that is basically why many people are stuck in their respective situations. If you can change that, you have put yourself in the success track.

Don’t Be Interested, Get Committed - Success Daily Reminder (


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