SDR 1144: Not Taking Chances Ensures A Clean But Dull Record

Taking chances is like going for an adventure. You never know where you might end up. Well of course, you should have the odds likely in your favour when you make any attempt but still, you can only hope for the best in the end, after doing your best that is. Not taking chances is safe. Yes, it is clean. And yes, it is also dull. Maybe you are okay with that, but I would think most people yearn for something more in their lives. To do something great. To become more. To achieve more. It is not greed or anything like it, it is simply growth, which is the core basic of living. When you do not grow, you die. That is why successful people are hardly resting or coasting about. Sure, they might take a break, but before you know it, they are back in the game, often times challenging themselves with something they are not too familiar with. So if you just started, do not worry about taking chances in a big way. Start where you are. Start small. Gradually increase your risk appetite and see how much more alive you become.

Not Taking Chances Ensures A Clean But Dull Record - Success Daily Reminder (


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