SDR 1137: Pressure Builds Diamond

Diamonds are said to be the most precious stones in the world. People spend a lot of money to acquire them. Its reputation of being a highly prized item spans generations. To create this sparking brilliance, requires a very high pressure placed on its raw form. Similarly, success stories requires that very same amount if not more of high pressure in their respective forms put in place on the individuals. Some of this might not be what others would could pressure, but as long as it holds true to the said individual, nothing else should matter. It is often during this intense pressure situations that a person either becomes an incredible success or a whopping mess. Get your mind in order, prepare and cultivate it to be strong and resilient. Come what may, you will have a higher chance of succeeding in those situations than those that did not do the prep work.

Pressure Builds Diamond - Success Daily Reminder (


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