SDR 1136: Don’t Be A Dabbler. Fight The Fear.

Often times you see someone with enormous potential to be a successful person but something just does not seem to click for him or her. While having access to opportunities is one thing, the more pertinent factor in this conversation is fear. Fear of not making it, fear of failure. You see, if someone is highly motivated, he or she will see opportunities everywhere. However to those that are not able to overcome the fear, the most that they will do is to deep their toes into the water, in other words dabble in the the path that they have enormous potential in. The problem with that is how can you compare someone who goes all in when doing something to someone who just dabbles in it. The result is most indefinitely skewed to one direction. There is just no way around it. This is why I am a big believer in getting your inner workings right first. Knowing yourself, and being confident of yourself are great tools to reach for the stars. Of course, you would need to add other things like knowledge, strategy, hard work, etc as you move along, but until you have the self-confidence, all of those will still not add up in the end. So make a list of why you think you are awesome, and revisit everyday, if possible, twice a day. You can add to it or minus it when it becomes irrelevant. What matters is that it has to resonate strongly with you. Yes, only you. No one else’s opinions matters in this.

Don’t Be A Dabbler. Fight The Fear. - Success Daily Reminder (


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