SDR 1135: Open To Everything But Engage To Nothing

It is safe to say that when you keep your options open, you allow yourself for more opportunities. The idea of sticking to only one outlook or path or anything for that matter is limiting and stifling. We do not know what we do not know. And if we limit ourselves because we are either told to do or just unaware of the other options, it is quite an unfortunate way of living. Sure, that way ensures an orderly system of how things run, but that is perhaps not an ideal life, at least for me. On the flip side, being open to new, different, everything requires another level of discipline which is to be engage to nothing. The one that you should be engage in is with yourself, your principles, values and beliefs. Align everything external with those and you should be living a life on your own terms.

Open To Everything But Engage To Nothing - Success Daily Reminder (


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